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Trampoline Mat Replacement

A Trampoline Mat Replacement is a crucial update trampolines need over time when they become worn or torn. When ordering trampoline mat replacements, make absolutely sure it is the correct mat to fit your trampoline brand properly.

Tips to Measuring correctly to ensure you get the right size:

  1. Measure the frameYou will measure across the middle of the trampoline from outside frame to outside frame, straight across the middle.  
  2. Measure the springs -  Take a spring OFF of the trampoline, make sure that it is fully recoiled and measure it from hook-end to hook-end.  It is very important that you not use a stretched-out spring and that the spring NOT be attached to the trampoline to get an accurate measurement.
  3. Count the springs -  Count the spring holes around the top of the trampoline frame. We suggest that you also count your springs to make sure that none are missing.  
  4. Measure the mat - If possible, it is best to measure the mat while still attached to the frame.  You will measure the mat from hem to hem straight across the middle, DO NOT INCLUDE THE V-RINGS.  Note the EXACT inches of the measurement.

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