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20 Fun Things To Do on a Trampoline

Posted by Kinsey Harris on

If you have a home with a yard, there is one major thing you need to make it the coolest one on the block: a Trampoline! Not only is jumping on a trampoline a fun way to play around as a family, it’s also low impact, high aerobic exercise that improves balance, agility, and coordination. Here are 20 Fun things to Do on a Trampoline that will make it even more fun!

20 Fun Things To Do on a Trampoline

  1. Add Water – put a sprinkler either under the surface of the trampoline or off to one side and let the kids jump in their bathing suits and sunscreen and enjoy a hot summer day. Be sure you are cautious though as the jumping surface can get slippery when wet. 
  2. Jump rope snake – have one person stand outside the trampoline and move a jump rope back and forth over the surface of the trampoline in an “s” formation. Then one child tries to jump over the rope {aka “snake”} without getting “bit”. If they touch it, the children switch places. 
  3. Dance party – just add music and you have everything you need for a rockin’ good time. Jumping on Trampoline
  4. Chalk Art – did you know you can write on the jumping surface of your trampoline with sidewalk chalk? It’s true! Think of it like a giant canvas and see what you can create as a family! Once you start jumping the chalk will come off slowly or it will disappear completely with a slight rain. The Pure Fun 7ft Trampoline comes with Tic-Tac-Toe and side chalk already!Pure Fun Chalk Art
  5. Basketball – did you know that you can buy a trampoline basketball hoop that hooks to the side of the safety enclosure? A basketball hoop adds another dimension of fun to your backyard and your trampoline. 
  6. Hopscotch – using sidewalk chalk, draw a hopscotch board on the trampoline surface and take turns jumping across.
  7. Twister – draw your own game board on the trampoline surface using sidewalk chalk and use the original game spinner.
  8. Crack the Egg – have one person sit in the center of the trampoline holding their knees to their chest with both arms. Other children jump around the “egg” and try to get the person to let go of their legs.
  9. Simon says – just like regular Simon Says, but with extra bounce.
  10. Memory Game – everyone sits around the perimeter of the trampoline along the pad and one person does a “trick” in the center of the jumping surface. The next person then has to copy the first person’s trick and adds one of their own and this continues with each child doing the tricks before them and then adding their own. If someone forgets a trick or gets them out of order, they are out and the game continues until only one child is left.

 For Adults 

  1. Low impact cardio – ramp up your cardio with some jumping jacks, lunges, high knees, squats, running in place or simply jogging around the perimeter of the trampoline.
  2. Kickboxing – think kickboxing is fun at the gym? Try it out on your trampoline at home for even more fun and higher jumps. 
  3. Yoga – why not try some of your favorite yoga moves on the stretchy surface of the trampoline to practice even more balance? 
  4. Sit Ups – sit-ups on a trampoline are much easier on the back. Whether you are doing a modified crunch or a full sit-up, the trampoline surface is a nice place to work out in comfort.
  5. Warm ups – if you are training for a run, you probably spend a good deal of time warming up your muscles before taking off. Why not do some bouncing and then your calisthenics on the soft surface of a trampoline before your run?


For Toddlers

  1. Follow the leader – choose one child as the leader and everyone else has to copy what they do.
  2. Duck, Duck, GOOSE! – this is a toddler favorite that is good for a small group. Make sure there are plenty of parents sitting in the jumping surface to supervise and only let the toddlers do the running.
  3. TrampolineTumbling – Trampolines are a great place to teach basic tumbling like somersaults because the surface is so forgiving. 
  4. Ring around the Rosie – the kiddos love this anywhere, but I love the soft surface of the trampoline better than hard surfaces.
  5. Play catch – anyone who has ever played catch with a toddler knows that more time is spent chasing the ball than is spent actually learning. An enclosed trampoline surface is a great, contained space to teach your little one to catch and throw since the ball naturally rolls back to you.

As much fun as trampolines are, they aren’t any fun if someone gets hurt, which is why safety is always our biggest concern. Pure Fun Trampolines have numerous safety features to keep you and your family bouncing safely! 

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